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Brand: COMIX Model: F3505
適用於 齊心 comix MT-8100, MT-8800, MT-6100, MT-6200電子打咭鐘上班打卡紙 微電腦插卡 打卡鐘專用卡出 勤卡紙 COMIX..
Comix C4-2工咭MT5100專用 (四欄位) Comix C4-2工咭MT5100專用 (四欄位)
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Brand: COMIX Model: C4-2
Comix-C4-2工咭-四欄位電腦考勤卡打卡紙  卡鐘咭紙..
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Brand: COMIX Model: F9062
Special 1. Jam release system design2. Hot and cold lamination 3. LED indicationsDetails:Entry width : A3 sizeLaminate pouches : Cold, Hot (80-175micron)No.roller : 4Pre-heat time : 3-5 minutesLaminating speed : 450mm/min(60Hz) 380mm/min(50Hz)LED indication: Power On(red),Ready(blue)Switch..
Brand: COMIX Model: F9066
Type:laminatorModel: F9066Color: SilverMaximumlaminatingwidth: 320MMMaximumlaminatingthickness: 1MMTemperatureadjustmentrange: 100 C -200 CCots:fourWarm-up time:3-5MINLaminating speed: 660MM/MINProductSpecifications: 500 * 240M * 110MNetweight: 7.7KG..
Brand: COMIX Model: FGK-320
金屬外殼設計,可調校温度:100c-160c過膠闊度:330mm (A3) 或以下電源:220v-240v AC, 50Hz機身體積:450mm (長) 160mm (闊) 104mm (高)重量:8.5 公斤..
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