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Brand: NT CUTTER Model: D400
手作DIY必備 介刀 刀片 專業美術用品..
Brand: NT CUTTER Model: NT-C400P
Compact Circle Cutter “C-400P”Light-Duty Circle Cutter to cut a circle from 2 – 15cm in diameter. Perfect for making crafts and other light-duty jobs.日本 NT- C400P 介圓刀 / 圓規刀 (可介直徑2-15CM) circle cutting..
Brand: NT CUTTER Model: NT- C2000P
Circle Cutter for fabric “C-2000P” 界布圓型刀Unique fabric circle cutter to cut a circle from 3 to 22cm in diameter. Ideal for cutting felt, denim, lace, etc. Leaves no trace of center pin mark...
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